General Terms and Conditions
Article 1. Definitions
1.1 Under "General Conditions" means these terms. 1.2 Under
"FarFalla means Fashion by farFalla , being the user of these
terms. 1.3 Under "offer" means any offer and contract with
Fashion by farFalla1.4 Under 'order' means any acceptance of an
offer of Fashion by FarFalla 1.5 The term 'agreement' is defined
as any acceptance of an order by Fashion by FarFalla 1.6 The
term 'goods' means all physical objects to which agreements
between the buyer and Fashion by FarFalla relate. 1.7 Under
'Delivery' means the by or on behalf Fashion by FarFalla actually
providing goods to the buyer.
Article 2. Relevance
2.1 All offers, orders and agreements, the provisions of these
General Conditions of Sale apply, unless Fashion by FarFalla
thereof expressly derogates its offers. 2.2By ordering, you accept
the applicability of the then current Terms and Conditions.
Article 3. Offers, orders and agreements
Offers 3.1 All offers are without engagement and may be
revoked. 3.2 Maturity of all offers subject while supplies last, either
the term as it appears on the Website. 3.3 After exceeding the
duration of an offer, you can no longer use the relevant offer.
Orders 3.4 You can order in the manner described on the
website. 3.5 Fashion by FarFalla does not accept orders: - i if the
address is not properly identified. 3.6 Fashion by FarFalla is also
entitled to refuse orders on other grounds or special conditions to
the contract. 3.7 If an order is not accepted, or if special
conditions FarFalla wish to commit to the agreement, Fashion by
FarFalla will share this appearance also within 30 days after
receiving the order.
Agreement 3.8 A contract is only concluded after Fashion by
FarFalla confirmes your order by e-mail.
Article 4. Prices and costs
4.1 The prices quoted on the website for the offered goods are
applied at the time of the order. 4.2 The prices are in Euro,
including VAT and excluding shipping costs unless otherwise
stated or agreed in writing.
4.3 Fashion by FarFalla reserves the right to change the prices of
goods change, particularly when a statutory price determinant
gives rise. 4.4 The rates of the shipments can be found on our
website 4.5 The shipping costs are listed in Article 4.4 also due
when the order cann’t be delivered or when an order is partially
Article 5. Payment
5.1 Once your order is confirmed, we will send you a proforma
invoice with payment instructions. We ask a 50% deposit and
balance when goods are ready to ship. Standard payment is by
T/T bank transfer.
Prices are indicated in Euros. Prices indicated DO NOT include
VAT nor shipping. In order to make adjustments for the costs of
raw materials and labour costs, Fashion by FarFalla reserves the
right to change prices in their catalogs without notice.
Article 6. Delivery
Prices shown in our wholesale store DO NOT include shipping,
customs fees, customs duties. If you have a freight that you work
with we can contact your freight for pickup. Otherwise we can get
an estimate for you from local specialist freight companies. We
recommend air freight for orders up to 500 pcs. If you have never
imported leather goods before we recommend that you consult
with your country's customs service or freight company to find out
about any applicable duties, fees etc to import goods in your
country. For customs purposes, the goods imported will be "
leather handbags Made in Italy. All goods we will ship with
itemized invoice displaying actual price, packing list, declarations
where necessary, such as Washington convention, dual-use etc.
Article 7. Ownership of goods
7.1 Fashion by FarFalla keeps the ownership of the delivered
goods until all order payments are processed.
Article 8. Returns
Our Made in Italy goods have less than 0.3% quality control
problems. In the unlikely event that some items are received
damaged, defective or faulty, please let us know within one week
from receiving along with photos of the problem. Depending on
the nature and extent of the problem we will either replace, refund,
credit item and find a solution. Solution for wholesale purchases
is best agreed on a case by case basis.
In any case, the return of faulty items and the means of shipping
them back must be agreed upon in advance. Items returned as
defective by your customers must be closely scrutinized by you
and Fashion by FarFalla in order to insure that the alleged defect
is not simply the result of normal wear and tear, abuse or
carelessness, improper use. Items returned by your customers
for reasons other than technical defects (such as the right to
return merchandise allowed by consumer law in many
countries) will not be refunded by Fashion by FarFalla
Article 9. Incorrect delivery
9.1 You are designated to check the goods at receipt. If the goods
do not conform to the contract (Wrong or too little delivered, and /
or with a fault or damage), send us an e-mail or contact mail
immediately after delivery of the goods.
You can return you package as soon as possible. Again, you can
also request a return voucher via email
info@farfallahandbags.com Your article will soon be renewed and
re-sent. If not in stock, the purchase price will be refunded or you
can choose a new article for the same purchase price.
Article 10. Miscellaneous
10.1 If one or more provisions of these Terms or any other
agreement with Fashion by FarFalla in conflict with any law,
the provision will lapse and will be replaced by a Fashion by
FarFalla adopt new lawful condition. 10.2 Fashion by FarFalla
reserves the right to modify these Terms and Conditions. 10.3 The
agreement will apply those conditions at the time of the conclusion
of the agreement were published on the website.