Fashion by FarFalla is about transforming a personal dream into daily life.

I always have been passionate by style.

And style in a broad sense, lifestyle, fashion but also interior.

I am a woman born in Belgium who lives in Italy.

I want to offer other women around the world fashionable items which I would buy myself. 

Fashion by FarFalla offers you beautiful Italian leather handmade bags and accessories. 

We design always a small collection every year.

Not a large production but tailored, well defined and handcrafted collections.

Each season we add new accessories and details to the existing collections.

Or "core" products will be always available.

New materials, colors and details bring each collection to an higher level and a different look.

We want that our collections represent eternal elegance.

Our idea behind this way of working is to bring quality products which are not for just one season. " Value for money"

Fashion by FarFalla designs the FarFalla goods together with Italian professionals and also new young designers.

Everybody knows that Italians are still at the top, when it comes to fashion and design.

Our team has an obsessive attention to details and the finishing touch.

Fashion by FarFalla works with small Italian artisanal factories based in Le Marche region.

Le Marche has a strong traditional in leather and shoe business.

Those family based businesses produce only the highest quality handmade pieces from the finest vegetable dyed and tanned Italian leather. 


" Not only does FarFalla looks good, it feels great, works well and lasts long!!"